The taxation framework in Georgia is as follows:

1. Corporate Income (Profit) Tax – Exemptions:
  • Income of international organizations, except income received from economic activities
  • Income received from an initial supply of agricultural products before their processing (i. e. change of code), if total income received from such activities does not exceed GEL 200,000 during a calendar year
  • Income received from agricultural activities reinvested in agriculture during next 3 years after the end of a respective tax year
  • Income of medical establishments (irrespective of their legal form) received from medical activities which has been reinvested in rehabilitation of the establishment and/or provision of technical base during next 3 years
  • Gain received from financial services and sale of
  • securities issued by an International Financial Company
  • Georgian source income of a non-resident received from lease and insurance/reinsurance of risk
  • Income of a Free Industrial Zone Company received from activities allowable in a Free Industrial Zone
  • Income of a Tourist Zone Entrepreneur received from hotel services (during 15 years after starting the activity)
  • Income received from IT technologies produced by a Virtual Zone Person and supplied outside of Georgia
  • Income of an investment fund received from supply of financial services
  • Income of gambling club, gaming machines and salon totalizator organizing persons received from the noted activities, except income received from system-electronic games
  • Others

2. Property Tax – Exemptions:

  • Property of the organization and/or leased property to the organization, other than the land and property used for economic activity
  • Property located in Free Industrial Zones
  • Property received from resident by lease
  • Property used for the hotel services in FTZ (during next 15 years after starting the activity)
  • Property used for medical activities, under ownership or received under lease
  • Land used for the water reservoirs and operation of sanitary-technical zones for improvement of meliorative systems
  • Wild agricultural lands (during 5 years after receiving)
  • Power lines and communication network cables
  • Biological assets (animals and plants)
  • Others

3. Value Added Tax – Exemptions:
Transactions exempt without the entitlement to credit

  • Supply and/or import of national and/or foreign currency
  • Supply of goods/services between Free Industrial Zone Companies
  • Import of agricultural pesticides and agrichemicals, agricultural cultures, seeding and planting materials
  • Supply of financial/medical/educational services
  • Provision of services under lotteries, gaming house
  • and games of chance
  • import and/or supply of appliances and equipment, means of transport, spare parts and materials intended for the implementation of oil and gas operations
  • Import of goods and/or provision of construction and installation, repair, restoration, experimental constructor, and/or geological-exploratory services for the rehabilitation of energy sector
  • Supply of a land plot
  • Supply and/or import of goods envisaged under the specific codes of Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity
  • Others

Transactions exempt with the entitlement to credit

  • Export/Re-Export of goods
  • Transportation of goods placed in export, re-export, external processing or transit operations, and supply of related services directly related to such operations (Air or marine navigation, controllers, and/or information, freight-forwarding services, cargo inspections and transport handling)
  • Supply of agricultural product produced in Georgia prior to its industrial processing
  • Organized entry of foreign tourists by tour operators to touristic sites of Georgia and supply of tourist service package in Georgia
  • Supply of assets as contribution into a company capital or in case of reorganization of a company
  • Others

4. Import Tax – Exemptions:

  • Import of the goods that are funded under grants or a preferential credit provided by a foreign country government body and/or an international organization, at least 25 percent of which is a grant component
  • Import of goods for the supply on board for performing international aviation and international maritime trips
  • Import of tobacco raw materials/products
  • Import of goods envisaged under the positions of Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity
  • Others

Permission for moving goods at the border  is issued at portals and customs clearance zones

in one day

Number of documents necessary for import and export registration

2 documents (1. invoice/agreement and 2. transportation document)

Time spent on import and export registration

An average - 15 minutes

Time spent on registration of cargo through “Red Corridors”

An average - one hour

Cost of export registration

“0” GEL

Cost of import registration

150, 300, 400 GEL; during non- working time  the tariff is doubled

Cost of registration of declaration printed by importer (when declaring in advance)

100,200,300 GEL; during non-working time the tariff is doubled

The term of payment for import fees and service tariffs

5 days; 15 days – when declared in advance; 30 days - for members of “Golden List”

Cargo entry in customs clearance zone


Cargo stay in customs clearance zone


While viewing goods  discharging/loading


Duration of border control on goods and means of transport crossing the border  was reduced

up to 5 minutes (document control); up to  15 minutes in case inspection is required  (“Red Corridor”)

 For more information visit the following web-page: www.rs.ge