• Batumi Miracle by Washington Times


    There are places on the globe that gradually became the main focus of international media and Batumi in itself step by step turned into one of them. Giants of international press as Guardian, The New York Times, and Washington Times are writing about increasing potential of this continuously progressing city. One of the latest articles about Batumi was written by journalist of Washington Times - Richard W. Rahn.


    Rahn assesses this former Soviet Union city as rapidly becoming one of the most modern cities on the planet, where progress is achieved by doing the right things. The journalist didn’t left without attention the fact that in spite of being one of the oldest cities on the earth, modern Batumi is still very young. He admits the positive results of reforms: eliminating much regulatory red tape, moving to a largely free-trade regime and 20 percent flat personal income-tax system and a 15 percent corporate tax rate among others.


    The article gives general information on Batumi as thriving port city before communists wrecked it. The article emphasizes on reconstruction of much of the old city, recently completed architecturally distinctive luxury international hotels, office buildings and residences. Rebirth and redevelopment of Batumi assures author in the success of the city, naming the article as “Batumi Miracle”.


     “The secret of Georgia and Batumi’s success is simple - less regulation, lower taxes and more freedom. That is a formula that can work everywhere”- Rahn concludes.

    Read the full article http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2012/mar/19/batumi-miracle/